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Science week

March 25, 2006 at 12:32 pm (Uncategorized)

During science week a lady called Jane Oaks came from the Montgomeryshire wild life trust and she took us to our school pond to make the pond clean because there was a lot of litter and we looked around the pond area to see what wild life we could find. I found snails, slugs, spiders, a worm, and a newt a frog and a lot of frogspawn. We also tried to see what type of bird had a beak like some of the things she brought in like scissors, hair clips and stuff like that. I learnt that the reason birds have different beaks is so that they can get different food because if every bird had the same beak they would all have to have the same food which would mean the food would run out and then the birds would die out. Every class had a topic to learn about. My class topic was a maple tree. I made a mask of the tree and made a book about it I explained that the sugary sap in a maple tree is for maple syrup, which is used for making candy, and you put

It on pancakes and the wood is for making furniture. And in my book I drew a life cycle of the maple tree, and explained that when its 25 to 30 years old it blooms its first flowers and fruits and I explained that it grows better in the cold than hot.

We had a science assembly at the end of the week to talk about what we did all week

I had a great week.

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Art Competition

March 4, 2006 at 4:50 pm (School Stuff)

Art competition

This is a certificate that i won in the art competition in our schools st David’s day Eisteddfod i came 2nd and i’m very pleased with my efforts to come 2nd.Also the school has three houses that you are in for events like the Eisteddfod and sports day and other exiting events in the school and the houses wear different colours. Kymric wears red milford wear blue and cambrian wear green and those are the three houses.Kymric the house i’m in have a good run in sports day and we won the Eisteddfod for the first time and it stated in 2001 cambrian have won from when it started until 2004 then milford won in 2005 and now kymric have won this year. whew i bet i couldn’t say all of that in one breath.

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My Special Person

March 4, 2006 at 11:24 am (School Stuff)

A lot of people are special to me, i wrote this for a homework project.

My special person is my dad I have known him since I was born. He is special to me because he likes to take me out to interesting and exciting places like Cardiff, Blackpool, the beach and good places like those. He has bad jokes and for some reason they make me laugh. The good things about my dad are he has bright brown eyes that make him look cool and his hairstyle is all right. We have gone to exiting places and we make things. Most of the time we have to talk about sport because we both like different types of sport. We laugh about our bad jokes

Sometimes my dads annoying when I am on the computer he asks if he can go on the computer for 5 minutes but he ends up going on it for an hour.

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One of my favourite days

March 4, 2006 at 11:14 am (stories)

One of my favourite days was when I went to Blackpool. It was a nice day when I went there, it was a warm autumn. There were trams everywhere that made a squeaking noise that you would hear every time a tram went passed. And those trams lead to lots of exciting places in Blackpool. If you were looking down at a magazine and a tram came past the squeaking noise would make you jump. When I got off, unfortunately for me, I had to go around most of Blackpool looking inside shops but some were ok. Then I walked past a pub. And in there was a huge TV, it was showing England v Austria playing each other and I wanted to see what the score was but you had to be 17 or over to get in, so I had to sneak inside so I crouched down and crawled inside until I got to the TV and it was 1 – 0 to England so I started shouting COME ON ENGLAND!!!  But then everyone looked at me and started staring, so I thought it was about time I ran for it luckily I made it out to my dad in time and then we started walking again. After walking for about 20 minutes something quite high caught my eye. It was the Pepsimax

Roller coaster. As soon as I saw it I started nagging at my dad to go on it, but he was too scared and he would never go on it, so I had to put up with it. Then after even more inside and outside shops it was time for all the lights around Blackpool to be switched on first I went to see Blackpool tower, which was, covered in lights the same for the huge arcade and the theatre. Then me, my dad, Pat and Emma drove through lots of lights attached to lampposts, which went on for miles and it was called the golden mile and there was lots of nice bright colours which made you want to look at them and never take your eyes off them when it finished and we went home I thought it was a great day. 

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My first website

March 1, 2006 at 7:19 pm (General)

Hello my name is Mark Jones i’m ten years old and i live in Newtown which is in Wales, UK. As you can see by the title this is my first blog and it will be based on stories, jokes and other stuff and i hope i will be able to update it every week so please call back now and again

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