Art Competition

March 4, 2006 at 4:50 pm (School Stuff)

Art competition

This is a certificate that i won in the art competition in our schools st David’s day Eisteddfod i came 2nd and i’m very pleased with my efforts to come 2nd.Also the school has three houses that you are in for events like the Eisteddfod and sports day and other exiting events in the school and the houses wear different colours. Kymric wears red milford wear blue and cambrian wear green and those are the three houses.Kymric the house i’m in have a good run in sports day and we won the Eisteddfod for the first time and it stated in 2001 cambrian have won from when it started until 2004 then milford won in 2005 and now kymric have won this year. whew i bet i couldn’t say all of that in one breath.


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My Special Person

March 4, 2006 at 11:24 am (School Stuff)

A lot of people are special to me, i wrote this for a homework project.

My special person is my dad I have known him since I was born. He is special to me because he likes to take me out to interesting and exciting places like Cardiff, Blackpool, the beach and good places like those. He has bad jokes and for some reason they make me laugh. The good things about my dad are he has bright brown eyes that make him look cool and his hairstyle is all right. We have gone to exiting places and we make things. Most of the time we have to talk about sport because we both like different types of sport. We laugh about our bad jokes

Sometimes my dads annoying when I am on the computer he asks if he can go on the computer for 5 minutes but he ends up going on it for an hour.

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