One of my favourite days

March 4, 2006 at 11:14 am (stories)

One of my favourite days was when I went to Blackpool. It was a nice day when I went there, it was a warm autumn. There were trams everywhere that made a squeaking noise that you would hear every time a tram went passed. And those trams lead to lots of exciting places in Blackpool. If you were looking down at a magazine and a tram came past the squeaking noise would make you jump. When I got off, unfortunately for me, I had to go around most of Blackpool looking inside shops but some were ok. Then I walked past a pub. And in there was a huge TV, it was showing England v Austria playing each other and I wanted to see what the score was but you had to be 17 or over to get in, so I had to sneak inside so I crouched down and crawled inside until I got to the TV and it was 1 – 0 to England so I started shouting COME ON ENGLAND!!!  But then everyone looked at me and started staring, so I thought it was about time I ran for it luckily I made it out to my dad in time and then we started walking again. After walking for about 20 minutes something quite high caught my eye. It was the Pepsimax

Roller coaster. As soon as I saw it I started nagging at my dad to go on it, but he was too scared and he would never go on it, so I had to put up with it. Then after even more inside and outside shops it was time for all the lights around Blackpool to be switched on first I went to see Blackpool tower, which was, covered in lights the same for the huge arcade and the theatre. Then me, my dad, Pat and Emma drove through lots of lights attached to lampposts, which went on for miles and it was called the golden mile and there was lots of nice bright colours which made you want to look at them and never take your eyes off them when it finished and we went home I thought it was a great day. 


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