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Science week

March 25, 2006 at 12:32 pm (Uncategorized)

During science week a lady called Jane Oaks came from the Montgomeryshire wild life trust and she took us to our school pond to make the pond clean because there was a lot of litter and we looked around the pond area to see what wild life we could find. I found snails, slugs, spiders, a worm, and a newt a frog and a lot of frogspawn. We also tried to see what type of bird had a beak like some of the things she brought in like scissors, hair clips and stuff like that. I learnt that the reason birds have different beaks is so that they can get different food because if every bird had the same beak they would all have to have the same food which would mean the food would run out and then the birds would die out. Every class had a topic to learn about. My class topic was a maple tree. I made a mask of the tree and made a book about it I explained that the sugary sap in a maple tree is for maple syrup, which is used for making candy, and you put

It on pancakes and the wood is for making furniture. And in my book I drew a life cycle of the maple tree, and explained that when its 25 to 30 years old it blooms its first flowers and fruits and I explained that it grows better in the cold than hot.

We had a science assembly at the end of the week to talk about what we did all week

I had a great week.

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